Course on Leadership


Professional Development of

Young Psychiatrists


20th-23rd November 2019

Aim of the Course

The Catalan Psychiatric Society supports the organization of a course with the aim of developing the participants’ leadership and professional skills.


It’s a great opportunity to learn from two of the most prominent and influential psychiatrists on how to make presentations and posters, read and write scientific articles, prepare a proposal for a project, produce a curriculum vitae, chair a session and also how to deal with other challenges that young psychiatrists face.



Date: November 20th, 2019 Time: 17:00



Date: November 23rd, 2019

Time: 12:15 



In Barcelona

Casa Convalescència

The course will be held in the historic building called "Casa de Convalescència", where the Hospital in Barcelona was placed from  1401 to 1926. 

It is next to La Rambla, the most famous avenue of Barcelona



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The training is tailored for 16 young psychiatrists within 2 years before or 5 years after the end of their specialty training.

Participants must be fluent in English language and will be expected to prepare an oral presentation and a poster for the course.

Price:    Free  



To apply the candidates should send to the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vitae

  2. Letter of motivation to attend the course

  3. Signed recommendation letter from their institution certifying that they are psychiatry trainee or within 5 years of completion of specialist training

  4. Proof of fluency in English language (certificate or senior colleague's statement that applicant is fluent in English).

APPLICATION DEADLINE: September 11th 2019


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Dr. Joan Soler Vidal

Joves Psiquiatres de Catalunya 

Societat Catalana de Psiquiatria

Hospital Benito Menni CASM -Hermanas Hospitalarias

FIDMAG Research Foundation

​Fòrum Montau

Local Coordinator - European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees